We are here: Near & Dear!

We are here: Near & Dear! We’ve launched - and we are on a mission to approach school fundraising in a new way.

School fundraising is a vital means to helping enrich the experience and education of the student body. Many states across America are doing the best with what they have.  Tax dollars keep teachers in the classrooms, lights on, and the library open. However, state funds are not enough to bridge the gap between what the school truly wants to do for our children and what it is financially able to do.

Year after year, our kids would bring home school fundraising catalogs full of cheap, mass-produced plastic goods, and other unwanted or unneeded items. These fundraisers were often the school’s biggest, yet the same feeling of disappointment and desperation would set in. We felt forced to rally, forced to call Grandma into the mix, and forced to buy things we didn’t at all want. If we didn’t want to do this, we knew others must be feeling the same way, and we were left with the same feeling of how was this ever really going to help make a difference.

We knew there had to be a better way. Thus was the beginning of Near & Dear! By approaching school fundraising with a reenergized community spirit and SHOP LOCAL mindset we are here to help schools fund their passion projects for things like field trips playground renovations, school supplies, extracurricular activities – while in the process supporting local artisans, makers, businesses and creators to help boost local communities here in California.

We are proud to offer our first collection of unique, high quality, beautiful, healthy, delicious, useful, and 100% exclusively made by your neighbors, local Californians. We’ve always known Californians were a creative bunch, with a rich entrepreneurial spirit, but even we were surprised to discover so many unique, individual, and inspirational artisans and businesses right here in our own backyard.

(Throughout the next few weeks on our blog we’ll introduce you to some of Near & Dear’s amazing vendors and products!)

So let’s bring fundraising back home! Let’s do it with heart and gusto! Let’s support your school that is trying hard to improve the learning environment for your kids and the kids in your community. Let’s build bustling local community economies by working together. Because LOCAL lifts everybody. Especially those that are Near & Dear.