A local MISSION:

We love local! Nothing brings a community together more so than the neighborhood park, a favorite pizza spot, the local coffee hang-out, the farmer’s market, our beaches, our schools, the shops and restaurants of Main Street, and annual holiday events and festivals. These are the things that shape our communities and make them feel like HOME. And at the heart of any home are the people who work to create, sustain and enrich it together.

At Near & Dear we support and celebrate local businesses, independent artisans and makers, by offering “SHOP LOCAL” fundraising program for schools, non-profits, and sports organizations. Our fundraising collections are unique, high-quality, beautiful, healthy, delicious, useful, and 100% exclusively made by your neighbors, local Californians. When you shop with us, you’ll feel good about helping raise funds for local schools and organizations, about giving local businesses and makers much deserved exposure for growth, and about providing a big economic boost to the great place you call home.

From San Diego to North County, from Orange County and parts Inland, from Los Angeles to the Central Coast, all the way up to San Francisco and beyond, we have visited main streets and farmer’s markets talking to locals about popular spots and hometown favorites. We hope you enjoy shopping our collection of California made wares, goods, gifts and treats.

Thanks for loving local and for supporting and sustaining those NEARest and DEARest to you.

- Tara & Caroline


We are here: Near & Dear!

We are here: Near & Dear! We’ve launched - and we are on a mission to approach school fundraising in a new way.School fundraising is a vital means to helping enrich the experience and education of the student body. Many states across America are doing the best with what they have.  Tax dollars keep teachers in the classrooms, lights on, and the library open. However, state funds are not enough to bridge the gap between what the school truly wants to do for our children and what it is financially able to do.Year after year, our kids would bring home school fundraising catalogs full of cheap, mass-produced plastic goods, and other unwanted or unneeded items. These fundraisers were often the...

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