Program details for SCHOOLS:

Through a shop local fundraising program our goal is to help California schools, youth sports organizations, and non-profits exceed fundraising goals while strengthening the community as a whole. Schools receive 30% of every sale before tax & shipping.

Getting started:
-Program runs at school for 4 weeks between 9/25-11/4 (school confirms best timeframe).
-Schools can receive catalogs as early as September 20.
-Near & Dear representatives are available to attend school events to promote program.
-PTA/school representative oversees the program on campus and coordinates with Near & Dear.
-Near & Dear checks in weekly to provide support.

-Customers can order online or via paper order form that comes with catalog.
-Online orders can ship directly (for a shipping fee), or deliver to school (free to customers).
-Schools collect catalog order forms and submit order paperwork by deadline of 11/4.
-Once program ends orders are processed and we give vendors some time to fulfill.
-Once orders ship to school, Near & Dear sends fundraising proceeds to school.
-Schools receive 30% of every sale (for online orders 30% is taken off the retail price of the item before tax & shipping).

-Orders are delivered approximately three weeks after program close.
-Trucking costs to school are donated.
-Orders arrive to schools boxed and labeled per customer.
-PTA/school representative distributes orders to classrooms or via on-campus pick-up location.

Participant fundraising prizes:
-Just like our featured catalog products, we aim to offer quality, thoughtful incentive prizes for participants.
-Our program partners graciously donate prizes for participants.
-Prizes will change annually, and prizing tiers include:

(1) Each participant: receives a small token prize.

(2) Tiered prizing based on the number of items sold...prizes will get bigger and better the more items sold.

(3) Family prize: we understand many families have multiple children participating. The family with the highest combined fundraising total per school will win a prize.