Ancho chile & Tamarind by Salsaology

Ancho chile & Tamarind by Salsaology


This flavorful sauce is a specially crafted blend of zesty and smoky flavored chiles with roasted peanuts, aromatic ground spices, and the tangy sweetness of tamarind. This sauce is sure to brighten up all of your dishes. Braise, marinade or simmer and pour over your favorite ingredient. Or eat it out of the jar…you won’t be the first.

-Vibrant & smoky
-Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly
-All Natural // No Preservatives // Gluten Free
-Contains Peanuts and Tree Nuts
-Ideal for: pork, chicken, shrimp, anything really - get creative!
-Visit for recipes:
*Braised short ribs in ancho chile & tamarind sauce
*Mussels & clams with tequila ancho chile broth
*Caldo de Camarones (shrimp stew)

Salsaology / Los Angeles:
Salsas prepared to preserve ancient recipe methods. SALSAOLOGY, the study of sauces, or salsas, is not a simple science – it is a delectable art that curates ingredients and salsa recipes from Mexico’s rich history, culture, geography, and cuisine. In each SALSAOLOGY jar, different chile combinations are highlighted and enhanced by all natural ingredients, bringing the vibrant flavors of Mexico into your kitchen every day. 

In order to begin to understand Mexican cuisine, one must first understand SALSA. Salsas, or sauces, are central to Mexican cooking, they are fundamental if not imperative. Yet, they are difficult to define. Mexican sauces vary in texture, color, flavor, ingredients, and most importantly, more often than not they feature one or several types of chiles.

With thirty-two states, each offering different climates and landscapes, Mexico yields a kaleidoscope of ingredients from each region which helps weave the unique fabric of its exciting and complex culinary traditions.

With this in mind, SALSAOLOGY takes you on a tasting tour of some of Mexico’s myriad of sauces. Keeping with tradition, our salsas are prepared to preserve ancient recipe methods that have been passed down for generations in our family; we hand toast and grind our chiles, caramelize our onions and garlic, perfectly roast our nuts, and blend our freshly toasted spices. Individually treating each ingredient builds flavor upon flavor, culminating in an incredible explosion of palatable gusto. It’s a lot of work. But SALSAOLOGY loves to do it so you don’t have to. The methods are ancient. The recipes are inspired. Buen Provecho!