Artificial Succulent Pot with Shells

Artificial Succulent Pot with Shells


4.5" ceramic pot hand decorated with star limpet shells and filled with artificial succulents.  (Plants may vary)

Melody Beach / San Clemente:
Rachelle developed an avid love of the outdoors from an early age. As a young girl, she began sketching landscapes while exploring the rolling hills, shimmering lakes, and unspoiled forest lands of upstate New York. Rachelle’s innate talent and passion for art and design led her to a career in New York City, where she spent ten years as a showroom designer for Ralph Lauren and Anne Klein. 

On a family holiday to California, Rachelle found a piece of weathered driftwood while hiking through Yosemite National Park—and this simple discovery planted the seed of inspiration for Melody Beach. After falling in love with the splendor of the west coast, Rachelle settled in Southern California to pursue her business vision. Before long, her timeless pieces were gracing the homes of celebrities, designers, wedding planners, and athletes.

Melody Beach designs are rooted in the raw and wondrous beauty of nature. From a contemporary Laguna Beach estate to a charming Cape Cod cottage, the artistry, form, and texture of each piece are a unique complement to any homedécor.