Sage Honey
Sage Honey

Sage Honey


An excellent, lightly sweet flavored honey. Light in color and very slow to crystallize. Massey Honey's Sage Honey is extracted following pollination of black button sage in the springtime along California’s central coast. Great for everyday use. Honey is all natural and raw, and never heated or filtered. Please keep at room temperature. If crystallization/granulation is observed, simply place the jar in a bowl of warm water for twenty minutes to re-liquefy. (11oz)

Massey Honey / Yorba Linda:
Massey Honey Co. began with a few privately kept hives in the hilly region of northern Orange County. The endeavor grew as the Massey family began to rescue hives from public parks and horse trails. Aiding the city in rescuing bees from extermination, in turn, allowed them to develop a small apiary which was placed in a small citrus grove. This lead to the first single-source variety. And as research began to surface about the bee shortage epidemic, we decided to establish Massey Honey Co. in 2009, which remains family owned and operated to this day. 

Massey Honey cultivates and sources untreated, unheated, all natural, raw honey. The honey is taken directly from the hive, extracted by hand from the comb, and strained into its raw form—retaining its countless nutritional benefits, not to mention its individuality of flavor and texture. We are devoted to quality. The same people who manage the bee hives also extract the honey, where it is bottled it at a local facility. We also choose exclusively organic agricultural landscapes for our apiaries for the safety of our bees and to minimize our environmental impact. All hives are kept in areas where organic growing techniques are practiced and no antibiotic or pesticides are used. And only glass jars are used in bottling.

Our own apiaries are housed in Southern California. We also move apiaries to remote locations throughout California for pollination of single-source varieties and to capitalize on the unique honey profiles of singular blooming flora. On occasion, we source honey from partner beekeepers in order to extend our reach to new regions and flavors, always asking of our partners the same commitment to sustainable beekeeping practice and to pure, raw honey. And of course, it’s worth noting that raw honey is inclusive: gluten-free and inherently kosher.