Men's Shave Set

Men's Shave Set


Great natural skincare for men! The Ultimate Shaving Routine for the Best Organic Shave & Groom! This kit includes our 4-step process:

  1. Cleanse with FACE AND BODY WASH
  2. Shave with SHAVE CREME & Brush
  3. Tone with AFTER SHAVE TONER
  4. Moisturize and Style with BEARD OIL

First cleanse your face and body with this organic wash! Ingredients: Organic saponified Oils of Olive Fruit and Coconut, Essential Oils

With excellent glide and staying power, this shaving crème sticks to your skin without clogging your razor. Even the most stubborn hairs don’t stand a chance! Packed with soothing aloe, papaya, and pineapple to help soften hairs and skin nourishing Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter, your skin will be baby soft and smooth without a trace of razor burn.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Emulsifying Wax, Organic Alcohol Extracts of Calendula, Papaya Fruit, Pineapple, Papaya Leaf, Sugar Cane, Bilberry, Sugar Maple, Orange, Lemon, and Cranberry, Organic Jojoba Oil, Stearic Acid, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Frankincense Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil, Coriander Essential Oil, Hydroxyethylcelullose

This fabulous peppermint toner helps the skin post-shave by balancing the pH, minimizing the look of pores, and preparing the skin to receive the nourishing beard oil. This toner is specially formulated with white willow bark and soothing aloe. After shaving with our shave creme, lightly spritz toner all over face. Allow to dry and follow with our Beard/Skin Oil for best results.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Organic Alcohol, Organic Glycerin, Organic Peppermint Leaf Extract, Organic White Willow Bark Extract, Organic Sugar Cane Extract, Organic Bilberry Fruit Extract, Organic Sugar Maple Extract, Organic Orange Peel Extract, Organic Lemon Peel Extract, Organic Cranberry Fruit Extract

Packed with nourishing oils and uplifting essential oils, this wonderfully scented concoction will soften skin and tame flyaways for your best groom ever. After cleanse, shave and tone, massage Beard Oil into skin and beard to moisturize and style.

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Argan Kernel Oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Australian Sandalwood Oil, Organic Helichrysum Flower Oil, Pink Grapefruit Peel Oil, Bergamot Peel Oil

San Clemente Bath Co. / San Clemente:
This story begins with two sisters who grew up in the beautiful Orange County, CA. Not only were they sisters, but they were best friends. The sisters went on to have families of their own, and all of their children were born and raised in the wonderful beach town of San Clemente.

As mothers, the sisters felt a duty to make their homes and environment as healthy and happy as possible for their young families. Both girls had a background in the sciences from local universities, and as a result, had a keen interest in product ingredients. Their natural curiosity of safety of products that their families were exposed to led them on the mission that they continue today.

The sisters knew the importance of what we put in our bodies to thrive and be the best we can be. But equally important is what we put on our bodies in the form of bath and body products. Everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies. As the girls carefully researched and chose products to bring home to their families, they found that many products on the market had harmful ingredients.

The sisters have now been joined by their daughters, and together this family set out on a journey to master a line of bath and body products that is unmatched in its dedication to keeping hidden toxins from our fragile bodies. They have pooled their sources, their passion, and their interests to form San Clemente Bath Company.

Ingredients are chosen from the finest selection of natural and organic sources from all around the world. Each of these materials is included for a specific therapeutic reason. We support fair trade practice and use Earth-friendly packaging to reduce our carbon footprint.

SCBC isn’t any ordinary bath company. It is a company making a conscientious effort to hand-craft pure and nurturing products that feed, heal, and protect, keeping our bodies and the earth healthy and happy.

Make the choice to do good for your body, your health, and the planet - and treat your body with the best ingredients for your long, healthy, and beautiful life.