DIY Lip Gloss Set
DIY Lip Gloss Set

DIY Lip Gloss Set


Blend your own customized lip gloss kit includes everything you need to make your own custom flavored Lip Gloss!  All natural, hydrating and easy to apply.  Makes 5 Wands.

Fun, creative and unique gift idea!  Perfect for mommy and me time, spa days, birthday parties, sleepovers, or just because!

  • all natural base
  • 5 delicious flavors - mix and match!
  • 5 color tints to create your signature color (red-ish, purple-ish, brown-ish, pink-ish, and vamp-ish)
  • 5 smart sized lip gloss wands for your creations
  • how to make your own lip gloss cheat sheet


Mixify Beauty / San Francisco
Mixify Beauty was born from the desire to try something alternative to a traditional bachelorette party. It quickly became a quest to recover the lost art of craft as a way of building community. 

At Mixify Beauty, it’s about being a part of positive change that helps people rethink our product consumption – size, longevity, and brings people back to feeling a part of a tangible community, not just a virtual community.