Dressing Kit

Dressing Kit


Dressing Kit comes in a gift box and includes three 200ml (6.76oz) bottles: Blood Orange Grapeseed Oil, Lavender Vinegar, and Basil Grapeseed Oil.

The Blood Orange Grapeseed Oil is light and flavorful. The neutral flavor of the grapeseed enhances the sweet and tart taste of the blood orange. Drizzle over avocados, add to a favorite chicken salad, use for sauteing halibut, shrimp, scallops or vegetables. Pour over vanilla ice cream and be surprised. 

The Lavender Vinegar is an all natural product with no preservatives and it comes from the "mother of vinegar", a cloudy substance safe for consumption and a testament to the quality of an unpasteurized vinegar.

The Basil Grapeseed Oil has a sweet basil and stronger anise flavor. Holds well under heat and strong enough for a high yield on cold use.  

Arnabal International Inc. / Irvine:
Arnabal International Inc., has been a purveyor of fine oils, vinegars, and gourmet cookies since its grand debut in 2001. From European Imports to California-made products, Arnabal offers a wide range of essential and infused oils made with grape-seed oil, and vinegars infused with fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Each product is hand-crafted and contains the artisanal-quality ingredients that Arnabal International is so proud to present in the exclusive line of oils and vinegars that will capture your heart as they captivate your senses.