Handcrafted Sea Salt - 4 Pack
Handcrafted Sea Salt - 4 Pack

Handcrafted Sea Salt - 4 Pack


Laguna Salt Company's salt collections make a wonderful gift for the foodie in your life! All of their salts are handcrafted, made with all-natural ingredients and add delicious flavor to a huge variety of dishes. Each 4-pack comes with four 2oz jars and are packaged in a branded kraft box. Also available here in 2-packs! 

The Essentials: Roasted Garlic || Ghost Pepper || Tuscan Rosemary || Summer Smoke (Suggested for getting started and exploring a range of varieties.)

The Craftsman: Lemon Flake || Sweet Hibiscus || Wild Ginger || Pink Himalayan
(Suggested for experimenting with various flavors of our popular handcrafted gourmet sea salts.)


Laguna Salt Company / Laguna Beach:
Laguna Salt Company’s mission is simple…to make the foods you love taste their best. Big believers of the environment, Laguna Salt Co uses the highest quality, all-natural ingredients to handcraft a collection of extraordinary infused sea salts with a commitment to purity and the finest flavor experience possible.