Spa Pedicure Gift Set
Spa Pedicure Gift Set

Spa Pedicure Gift Set


The Spa Pedicure Gift Set includes everything your special guy or gal will need to refresh and soften their feet. The set includes one 5oz Pedicure Scrub, one 2oz Tea Soak, and one Pumice Stone and comes in a beautiful gift box.

PEDICURE SCRUB Iis refreshing foot scrub made with natural alpha-hydroxy acids slough away dead skin cells while rich organic extra virgin olive oil replenishes moisture.

TEA SOAK will relax those aching feet in a hydrating and revitalizing foot soak. Taking a foot bath can help calm nerves, relieve stress and may even help you sleep better. All the while, softening hard callused feet, releasing toxins and odors and prepping them for an intensive pedicure! 

PUMICE STONE is naturally formed from rapidly cooling lava in the foothills of Mt. Shasta, this pumice stone will quickly file away calluses. Each stone is found in nature and has its own unique shape

CeeCee & Bee / San Diego:
CeeCee & Bee, handcrafted apothecary goods, is owned and operated by sisters Charlene and Debbie started as a way to use the lavender that grows plentiful in Charlene's garden. Instead of discarding the trimmings, Charlene wanted to find a way to use and share them with friends and family. Charlene is a lavender lover who suffers from extremely sensitive skin, which prevented her from enjoying most bath & body products throughout my life. CeeCee & Bee mission is to design products that would be gentle and healing for sensitive skin. CeeCee & Bee products contain locally sourced ingredients from organic farms and California's natural surroundings.